16 simple changes for 2016



  1. Drink more water
  2. Replace one meal-either a meal replacement shake or a green drink
  3. Eat more green-salads or bigger helpings of veggies for sides
  4. Eat less sugar
  5. Walk more
  6. Stretch…just stretch…and maybe try yoga
  7. Do.  Physical. Therapy.  Even though it sucks.
  8. Do different household chores each day.  Pinterest is full of amazing people who have created schedules.  Pick one, and actually use it.  For more than 2 weeks. :/
  9. Learn more about something.  I choose blogging, dig a little deeper every week.
  10. Apply that something.  I’m going to try to post a new blog every 2 days.
  11. Try a new skill; I’ll be making/posting some crafts
  12.  Share that skill with others.  I need to look into craft fairs or farmers markets.
  13.  Less guilt-especially on things beyond my control
  14. Focus on the POSITIVE and not give up hope
  15. Make the most of good days, and the bad days.
  16. Rest when rest is needed-don’t over do it, no matter the reasons you could use to justify it.

2 thoughts on “16 simple changes for 2016

    1. Well, you could put those beverages under #2 as a meal replacements…but then you’d definitely want to drink less! 🙂 I just reeeeaally hate being hungover, have no one to drink with, and can give myself the spins anytime I turn my head too fast!


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