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My name is IMG_3928Erica.  I’m single and loving it.  I’m a dog mom to Oliver Blue, a crazy mutt I adopted as a pup who was supposed to be about a 30 lb Lab/Catahoula mix but turned out to be a 60 lb dingo (or at least that’s what I’ve decided).  I’m originally from northern Illinois.  I moved to Goodyear, AZ (just west of Phoenix) in 2012 where I taught for 3 years.  Then in the summer of 2015 I moved south of Tucson to be closer to family.  I’m the middle child, and yes I have it’s “syndrome”.  Both of my parents, my Granny Wanda, my sister and her family-including my 2 adorable nephews-all live within 10 minutes of me!  It’s fantastic!  We’re just missing my younger brother who is still living in Illinois.  IMG_3127

This is a site that is predominately focused on all things educational because I love learning (I know, total nerd), I’m a middle school teacher, I have a huge passion for early education, I want to provide a resource for involved parents at their wit’s end or just looking for additional ways to support their kids…and, there are SO many hilarious stories I have to share.

I’m also starting to get crafty.  I mean, I’ve always been just a little “crafty” in the sneaky-up-to-no-good sort of way, but I’m starting to be more Pinterest-glue-and-glitter-crafty.  I figure if you are someone who has no idea what you’re doing, but would like to give it a try, then you can learn from my mistakes!  …or at least laugh at my attempts!  🙂 DeathtoStock_Creative Community7

Speaking of my attempts, be patient with me on the blogging, no clue what I’m doing, but I’m enjoying trying to figure it all out!

hand heart over sun

So I’ve explained “Learn” and “Craft”, let’s talk about “Love”.  I am 32 years old and still learning to figure what exactly I love the most and how exactly to love myself.  So that could mean anything related to what I am currently in love with, or one of the most important ways I can love myself: my health.  With a story similar to others, I was an (amazing! lol) athlete until my 20’s, but since then I have battled with my weight yo-yoing up and down all the time.  I’m hoping that sharing my story will hold me accountable because I know what I need to do…I just lack the discipline!

I have also recently started using Young Living Essential Oils.  Essential oils potentially have so many positive effects on one’s health and well-being.  I am looking forward to learning more about them, and as I learn, sharing that with you, too.


Loving myself enough to get healthy and learn more about essential oils are increasingly important because I am going through some pretty serious health issues.  I have yet to be diagnosed with anything, but it is looking like I will be dealing with these issues long term.  Currently I’m experiencing symptoms that are making it utterly impossible for me to do what I love most, teach 6th grade science.  I miss “my kids” so much.

So, instead of wallowing in self-pity, I’d like to teach you.  I’d like to help you learn tips and tricks to support your kids, your students.  I’d like to inspire you to get crafty.  It’s time to get healthy.  It’s time to start being productive.  It’s time to focus on the positive.  It’s time to love.  So, join me on this journey, wherever it may lead.

fall path


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